Real Estate

The factories Godel and Makedonka used to be huge leather and textile producers for Yugoslavia at the time. Today these industrial parks are meeting points of innovators and entrepreneurs who use the area to assemble and manufacture their products. Both industrial estates, Makedonka in Stip, and Godel in Skopje have administrative buildings, empty manufacturing plants and open real estate which can easily be modified to suit your needs. Godel has buildings with a total size of 29 000m², plus 40 000m² of real estate around the buildings. In addition, Godel has two electrical substations connected to the grid, with a total capacity of 5 MW and a private well with a capacity of 70 l/s. Makedonka has 70 000m² under a roof and 31 00m² of open real estate, it also has private electrical substations and wells with a total capacity of 18 MW and 60 l/s respectively. Also, both locations have boiler rooms that can produce heat of up to 50 MW for all kinds of purposes. In both Makedonka and Godel we sell and lease spaces, for more detailed information or for scheduling a visit please contact us.

1350m2 Manufacturing or storage space

This 1350m2 manufacturing or storage space comes with a separate entrance for workers and a separate access for forklifts. This 4m wide, 2m tall door for forklift access includes a ramp, and can be further expanded. The height of the ceilings is not uniform, and ranges from 4.2m to 12m. This area includes 2 washing closets, a changing room, and an office. Most of the floor is covered with tiles, and all rooms have wide windows which allow for ample daylight. The area is suitable for any type of manufacturing, and suitable for placing large, heavy machinery.

Office space 650m2

We offer 6 recently renovated offices for lease that are ready for you to move in tomorrow. These offices can be rented to several companies or a single company.

380m2 food Manufacturing space

With a total area of 380m2, this manufacturing space complies with HACCP standards, and includes a separate entrance for workers, for supplies, and a separate exit for finished goods. The layout also includes a storage space for raw materials and a storage space for finished products. This layout naturally offers a circular flow of goods. This building comes with 2 AC units, and an air supply network. Furthermore, the whole area can be regularly washed with water thanks to the wide network of drains, that allows for cleaning the whole space. The floors and walls are covered with high quality tiles, and the rooms have plenty of daylight.


300m2 light industrial space

This area includes a 100m2 warehouse and a 200m2 work space that is perfectly suitable for light industry. It also inclides a toilet and a small office.

two-story 640m2 flex/office building  

This two-story building suitable for IT companies, for offices or light industrial activities has ample daylight, and installed lighting network. The 2 wide open rooms have a small kitchen, office and an area that can be used as a locker room.

360m2 warehouse

This 360m2 storage space has a wide 2.8m door that comes with a dock for access of heavy duty vehicles, and a separate entrance for employees. Currently the space includes a small office space, but can be adapted to the needs of your business. The warehouse has tile flooring.